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Alternative methods to improve your pet’s well-being.
Acupuncture (AP) (Classical or Dry Needle)
Electroacupuncture, the electrical stimulation of needles
Aquapuncture, the injection of acupuncture points with sterile liquids such as B12, saline or homeopathic remedies such as Traumeel to achieve a longer lasting effect or for animals who don’t hold still for traditional AP
Moxibustion- burning of mugwort, the herb Artemisia vulgaris near an AP needle or over an area of the body increase circulation and to achieve deep warming. Particularly done on old, cold cats and dogs
Chinese Herbs
Western Herbs
Basic Homeopathic Remedies- this branch of alternative medicine is based on the idea of treating likes with likes, just as you would treat an allergy with tiny amounts of an extract of the thing the pet is allergic to.
Bach Flower Remedies- these are extracts of flowers which are used to address emotional issues such as disharmony between animals in a house, inappropriate urination or defecation, separation anxiety, phobias, unwanted behaviors
Nutritional Counseling- how to add homemade food to your pet’s diet
What to give
How to introduce it


When are supplements needed