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There are a few supplements that are very important for all pets as well as their human companions.
    Omega 3 fatty acids (fish oil/ cod liver oil) and omega 6 fatty acids (soybean oil, corn oil, other vegetable oils) are both essential nutrients for dogs and cats
    Omega 3s are ANTI INFLAMMATORY in all parts of the body. WE ALL NEED TO TAKE OMEGA 3s, and pets do better with fish instead of flax
Omega 6s are INFLAMMATORY. Commercial pet food has lots of omega 6s because they are cheap.
All of the damage done in the body at the cell level by toxins, cancer, arthritis and so on are caused by free radicals, which are unstable compounds.
Antioxidants bind free radicals so they cannot cause damage
A combination of different antioxidants is more effective than a single one.
Vitamins A, C, E are weak antioxidants, but many other stronger ones exist, such as CoEnzQ10, alpha lipoic acid, grape seed extract, pycnogenols, proanthocyanidins, IP6, etc.
Read more at http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/prevention/antioxidants
We should all be on a good antioxidant combination