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Basic Homeopathy

This branch of alternative medicine is based on the idea of treating likes with likes, just as you would treat an allergy with tiny amounts of an extract of the thing the pet is allergic to.
These should be given at least 20 minutes before a meal or 30 minutes after and not within 15 minutes of any other medication or supplement or water. They are meant to be dissolved in the mouth rather than swallowed. They have a pleasant slightly sweet taste if any at all.

Administer by dissolving the pill with a few drops of water (if they are the soft variety) and place on the gums. If you are using the tiny pellets, place directly into the mouth up under the gum and lip. The exact number of pellets administered is not critical.
Homeopathic remedies will also work with less cooperative animal patients when placed in their food. However, giving them without food is preferred.

Please give the remedy only as prescribed, as the frequency is an important part of the treatment. Please Remember to note any changes in behavior, attitude or physical symptoms.

Do not repeat if any adverse effects are observed.