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My First Appointment

What should I bring to my first appointment?
A summary of current concerns you have of your pet’s health and/or behavior in order of severity to the pet and importance to you.
Information on diet and any supplements or medications the pet is taking
Other animals in house- brief; possible impact on current issues
A summary of past health issues in chronological order
Answers to the following questions:
Does your pet seem unusually hot or cold or have a temperature preference that seems unusual, like always lying near a heat vent or under the covers or on cool tile? If the house is hot, it is normal to seek cool tile, but in a cold house it would not be.
  How is the appetite? Do you notice anything unusual in your pet’s eating or drinking habits?
  Is the stool normal? If not, what does it look like? How many per day normally? Does the pet work hard to pass it or pass a bit then move around and pass more?
  Does s/he sleep through the night? Pant or pace at night? Have to urinate during the night? Ever dream a lot with a lot of movement or vocalization?
  Does the pet ever break house training?
  Does the pet like to lie on a hard or soft surface?
  What is the personality like? friendly, stubborn, fearful, bossy, jealous, dominant, aggressive, shy, independent, have lots of rules for when to eat or when to go to bed etc. Are there behavioral issues? If this pet had a job or career, what would it be?
  Are there any other unusual traits, behaviors, or problems?

What can I expect during my animal's first appointment?
    During the first appointment, I usually begin by giving you general information about how to keep your pets(s) healthy; how to improve the pet’s nutrition, how to handle vaccinations, flea and heartworm prevention etc. Then I will take an in depth history and perform a complete physical. We will discuss your pet’s specific problems and develop a treatment plan. If appropriate for your pet, we will give an acupuncture treatment. This first visit takes quite a bit of time and the cost reflects the time you will spend with me.

Although I take an in depth history, there simply is not time to talk in detail about every aspect of a pet’s life. It is crucial to edit and distill the information to what is most pertinent during EACH APPOINTMENT. Although I am interested in the journal you keep, time constraints usually dictate that you give me a overview of what has happened since the last visit, rather than a discussion of what occurred on each and every day. However, if you do feel that it is salient to your pet’s progress to review the progress in more detail, I am happy to spend additional time with you as long as you understand that if we continue past the allotted time, the charge for the office visit will be correspondingly greater.
Also, please try to limit your discussions to the specific patient we are seeing that day.