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Welcome to my cyberhome. I hope it will help acquaint you with my style of practice and services. I am excited to share the healing potential of alternative medical therapies with you.

What should I bring to my first appointment?
What can I expect during my animal's first appointment?
What happens during an acupuncture treatment?

Is acupuncture painful for my pet?
How Does Acupuncture (AP) Work?

Let’s Work Together to Heal Your Pet from the Inside Out

Located in a serene, healing setting at the base of Hawk Mountain.
My Office is soothing and stress free.

has proven effective in healing or easing the symptoms of arthritis, acute injuries, hip dysplasia, respiratory disorders, immune system ailments and a host of other problems. It appears to work on a wide range of livestock and household pets, even creatures as small as gerbils and birds.

100% alternative veterinary medicine for small animal patients.

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Our all natural, complementary therapies include herbal medicine, acupuncture, electroacupuncture, nutritional counseling for homemade diets, animal adjusting (animal chiropractic), and many types of supplements. Holistic therapies heal from the inside out, rather just suppressing the symptoms.

We have been serving the holistic health needs of pets since 1995 in eastern Pennsylvania, from Allentown and the Lehigh Valley to Reading, and surrounding areas such as Harrisburg and Hazleton.

I can work with your regular veterinarian to complement the western therapies s/he is using, or treat your pet completely naturally.

The choice is up to you….

  What conditions do I treat with alternative medicine?
  Because Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine is a complete medical system, I can treat any condition, including many symptoms that regular western medicine does not treat well without suppressing symptoms.
Some examples include:
Chronic skin or ear problems
Chronic digestive problems (vomiting/diarrhea/bloating)
Endocrine problems: cushings disease, low/high thyroid, diabetes
  Behavioral problems
  Hip and joint injuries- hip dysplasia
  Spinal problems- disk disease
Returning that spark of life to elderly patients